We're Still Making an Impact

Redevelopment may be over in California, but it is not forgotten at AHA. When agencies were dissolved on February 1, 2012, they left affordable housing obligations which must be fulfilled by the cities and counties that sponsored them.

Agencies have four long-term affordable housing obligations. They must:

  1. Replace all low- and moderate-income housing demolished as a result of a redevelopment project, within 4 years;
  2. Develop land purchased with housing funds, within 5 years of purchase, or within one extension up to another 5 years;
  3. Every 10 years, ensure that a minimum amount of the housing rehabilitated or built in the project area, or by the agency, is affordable; and
  4. Every 10 years, target the housing fund to assist the very low and low income, and families with children, in proportion to their needs among all income eligible households: the very low, low and moderate income.

To read more about it, see AHA's Amicus Brief in California Redevelopment Association v. Matosantos.

AHA represents The Affordable Housing Coalition of San Diego County in their suit to ensure that redevelopment agencies' affordable housing obligations are met in the region. The Affordable Housing Coalition of San Diego County v. Sandoval, Sacramento Superior Court Case No. 34-2012-80001158-CU-WM-GDS. If your region would like help with enforcing redevelopment agencies' affordable housing obligations, contact us.

We need to do more to ensure that every community helps to meet the region's affordable housing needs for the extremely low income people and families we serve.

Did you know that.......?

  • A 4-person household earning no more than $24,800 a year can afford just $546 a month for rent, while the fair market rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $1,386.
  • Someone on SSI receives $889 monthly, and can afford to pay $267 a month for rent.
  • A full-time minimum wage worker can afford $486 a month for rent and would have to work 92 hours a week or 2.3 full-time jobs to afford the fair market rent for a 1 bedroom apartment

Source, National Low Income Housing Coalition's, Out of Reach 2016

For examples of the wages and affordable rents for various occupations in the region click here and search for paycheck to paycheck database.

With the demise of redevelopment, AHA is exploring new ways to make an impact. One way to advocate for more affordable housing is to review, comment on and monitor local plans. Every jurisdiction in the county was required to update its state housing element by April, 2013, and report on their progress in meeting their jurisdiction's needs annually. To learn more, click here.

We advocate for regulatory solutions -including accessory units, density bonuses, mixed-use and inclusionary programs- to generate more affordable housing.

To support the development of more affordable housing in your community, please:

  • Donate to AHA.
  • Learn more about our region's need for affordable housing. Click on Land Use and Regional Growth and then Housing.
  • Join the San Diego Housing Federation.
  • Advocate for affordable housing development in your community. Contact your local planning and housing departments to get involved.